Tips for Using LinkedIn

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Caldwell on his podcast, Manager Mojo. Steve’s podcasts cover a variety of topics and reveal solutions and best practices for leadership issues.

You can listen to the podcast at

In our 30 minute discussion, Steve and I talked about why it’s critical for leaders and emerging leaders to be active on LinkedIn these days and how it can drive success in a multitude of ways. We covered the importance of complete profiles, posting, commenting, and strategic ways to leverage the platform for recruiting, being recruited, creating a culture, meaningful networking, and building your company’s brand as well as your own professional brand.

Not sure if you’re fully leveraging LinkedIn?

Here are some starter questions to help you understand if there are more ways you can leverage the platform to grow your business and professional brand:

  • If customers, employees, employers, recruits or potential business partners come to your profile, will they be able to know, like, and trust you based on what they read?

  • Are you using keywords in your profile that are relevant to what you do so that you are easily found?

  • Are you posting content that brings value, inspiration, or encourages thought?

  • Are you engaging with others by commenting on their posts?

  • If you have joined any groups, are you engaging or posting in them?

  • Are you using hashtags in your posts so that the information you’re sharing can get to a wider audience of professionals who are looking for the kind of information you’ve just posted?

  • Are you following hashtags to learn more best practices or keep up with trends tied to that topic?

  • Are you looking at the profiles of other professionals, and what they write in their posts and comments, to better understand the people you’re connecting with or hiring?

  • Does your LinkedIn profile URL have your name in it?

  • Are you posting content that others might want to share with their network?

  • Are you sharing the content of other professionals?

  • Are you adding media like documents, photos, slides, videos, or presentations, to your profile summary or employment history?

  • Are you using media in your posts and using captions on your videos?

  • Are you using the information you find on LinkedIn to help build the profiles in your CRM?

  • Do you post regularly?

Not sure what to post?

Consider posting anything that will be valuable to your audience.

  • Share a business tip

  • Let people know how you overcame a specific challenge

  • Discuss a book you found helpful

  • Celebrate a recent success

  • Post about a recent mistake and how to avoid it or learn from it

  • Share someone else’s post that you found interesting or valuable

  • Discuss a trending topic

  • Give career advice

  • Share a story that people can learn something from

  • Review a product you love and share some ways others can leverage it

  • Share about an app you use to help you with time management or productivity

  • Discuss industry specific topics

  • Post a top 5 or top 10 list

  • Share your favorite business quotes

  • Share a relevant article you’ve read and consider adding your takeaways

Other ways to leverage LinkedIn for quick professional development, growth and success.

There are enough ways to use LinkedIn for success to fill a book. In a time where people are searching online before meeting with people, and online networking for business has quickly become a highly rewarded use of time for professionals, you can’t afford not to be regularly active on LinkedIn. From understanding who your audience is and when they are likely going to be on the platform, to a basic understanding of the algorithm, to the profile features and settings, to the additional products LinkedIn offers, to the updates they are making on the desktop and mobile versions, there’s no shortage of information that can be extremely valuable for planning a successful strategy and productive tactics.

There’s no way to cover everything here, but I’ll leave you with one more list that I hope will help you find incredible success with LinkedIn.

  • You can post multiple pictures or a video in a post.

  • It’s better to upload a video directly from your computer to LinkedIn than it is to share a link to the video that will take users off of LinkedIn and to another website and you’ll want to add captions since many people view the video with the sound off.

  • You have space for 1300 characters in a post so anything longer will need to be posted as an article.

  • Hashtags are topics that users can follow. Use them correctly to identify the topics your post covers so that even those not in your network can see them.

  • Include all relevant skills in the skills section of your profile. You can add 50. If you don’t add them, others can’t endorse you for them.

  • Your headline is seen on every post and comment you write. Make sure it helps people know what you do.

If you’d like to learn more ways to leverage LinkedIn, get more strategic with your profile, or discuss ways to have this topic covered at an event or as a training for your employees or customers, reach out to me through my LinkedIn profile or here.