Free Zig Ziglar and Kevin Harrington Materials

Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank has partnered with the Zig Ziglar family and they've created a great masterclass of sales secrets for business professionals.  I’m working with them some on promotions/sales and although the class doesn’t go on sale until Monday, they’ve been giving away a ton of fantastic free content that companies and individuals have been using.  

Feel free to use these and share with any other Zig Ziglar or Shark Tank fans that might love to take advantage of the free materials.   

Here are three free Zig Ziglar and Kevin Harrington training videos that are full of great content making them about 40 minutes long each.  

I also have some docs they were giving away the last two weeks as well in case anyone is interested in them while they’re still available for download.  Here are their links:

The videos I mentioned above will all be on one page in that hyperlink, however, if you want to access them individually, you can do that too: